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collage stuff from last night 🌙
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My nose is filled with sage, tangerine soap, and mint tea. My heart is filled with love and my mind is full of peace. Namasté
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hello internet I have this on my body forever

Very cute!
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Hedge Witches are a different breed of mystic.Harvest basket in hand she wades through thorns and poison ivy on the hunt for Mug wort and Mandrake.Always on her knees in her garden with her hands dirty ,her domain tends to be part jungle ,part thicket.This wreath honors her and all she stands for.Every bundle of herbs , spell bag and talisman is fastened to the wreath by hemp twine or copper wire.Ready to be removed and used on a moments notice.There is copper wrapped Fever few ,Yarrow ,Rue and Sage.Its crowned with a huge bundle of Willow ,and footed with Mullein smudge.
Shells ,bells, and Jasper are snuggled next to Meadow Sweet and Lavender. There’s so much witchy loot on this one you’ll have to see for yourself !
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I remember how my ex used to do that when she was sad, she sat on my lap and wrapped her legs around my waist and just kept kissing my neck softly and slowly and i stroked her back for like 2 hours without saying anything and that’s all and i really fucking miss her.


The caption hurts me in the heart bit
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Hanumanasana; front splits I’ve been working on this pose on and off for 2 months, a couple of days ago I was finally able to do it
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